Terminator Endoskeleton Hand






Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Blank template

Model Description

This paper model represents famous robotic hand from Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie. It is a part of Endoskeleton, steel robotic skeleton of T-800. You can see this hand several times in the movie – as a part of terminator robots in the futuristic fighting opening scene or in terrifying scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger “opens” his hand with a knife and shows robotic hand instead of bones.

The paper model consists of two parts – hand itself and a stand. Big thanks to modeler Tata, who designed the stand. Endoskeleton hand is little bit harder to build, it contains lots of rounded tubes and small mechanisms for fingers. The model is available as a blank template, so it is recommended to spray the whole model with “steel” color. The gain really shiny effect, it is also recommended to spray the model with glossy black color first and steel color afterwards.

Renders of final 3D model