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Paper scale modelling is really great fun. That feeling, that something is growing directly under your hands is even more satisfactory than watching 10 hours of nyan cat. With possibilities, which came with internet revolution, you are able to download lots of great models, print them out and you are ready to bring flat sheets of paper to life. You only need some tools, glue and tons of patience.

But what if none of thousands of free paper scale models and thousands of commercial paper scale models fits to your need? What if there are some great paper models but you find them not so detailed as you wish? Or you just simply think you can make that paper model, you have just downloaded, far better than anyone else?

Back in times, where there were no computers, internet and hipsters were just ordinary lumberjacks, authors were making their paper models using rulers, pencils and simple colors. In these days you have variety of options. In upcoming series of articles I will cover whole process of creating paper scale models.


Before we start, I have to point out few things.

  • The process of creating paper scale models in upcoming series of articles is my own process. It is definitely not the best one or the only one. During your own process you will find that some of the steps can be done better or differently. It’s all up to you.
  • Today, everything is 3D. Also creating paper models is tightly linked with 3D programs or better to say 3D editors. It’s logical – you can create very precise digital model, test if everything is where it should be and then you just print it on flat paper with only a small risk of errors in the final paper model. However, you can create whole paper model with 2D editors (Inkscape, Illustrator or some CAD software). But I prefer 3D editor as a starting base for every model.
  • I released some of my models only as a blank white template with assumption that builder will color the model by himself or for example spray the whole model with airbrush. If you plan to do this, you can skip some of the steps not only in „post 3D modelling phase“ but also during this phase.
  • Every time when you start learning how a new complex computer program works, you will struggle at some point. But this is normal and at the end of the day, when you find a solution for your problem, you will be really happy. And that’s one of the greatest things when creating paper scale model. You will be in great mood and you will learn something new.

In series of articles I will cover whole process of creating paper scale model (The Spendlik's Way ツ). And at the end of the series we will have simple model of …. I will keep the name of the model for myself till the next article is up. So check my Facebook fan page or Google+ page for news about this series.

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