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New model in development – Robot Jox

While working on one big project, I always have some small side project. To be honest, I am not able to focus all the time only on one model, so it is good to have different projects. Batwing is really big and difficult project so that’s why I have created Astro Racer and it is also a reason why I have started to design a new model – Matsumoto-14 robot from Robot Jox movie.

Robot Jox was one of the first “big-fighting-robot” movie I have ever seen. Even today, when there are lot of other similar movies like Transformers or Pacific Rim, I prefer Robot Jox. Frame-by-frame animation and really nice robot models are making this movie unforgettable.

Currently, 3d model is very rough. You can check few images on Robot Jox Matsumoto-14 paper model page.

Robot Jox movie screen capture