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How to create paper model – series of articles

When I started creating my very first paper scale model, I was struggling a bit. Didn’t know where to start, which program should I use or what’s the best way how to create instructions for my model. I was browsing through the internet, trying to find some useful information. I was lucky and found a lot of great people from paper model community, who helped me a lot.

Today I would like to thank everybody and make it easier for everyone who would like to create their own paper model. In upcoming series of articles I will cover whole process of creation of paper models. At the end of the series, everybody who will follow steps one by one, will create nice and simple paper model. But, more importantly, he/she will learn a lot of new things and will be able to design and create model of any desired object.

Doesn’t matter if you are completely new or have some experience with paper model creation. I will try to create articles which will fit everybody’s needs. So if you are ready, jump to the first three articles: