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3D model of BatWing is available

Posted by Spendlik on 21 Feb | Categories: 3D model | Comments:

I have uploaded 3D model in 3dm format to the model page. Several people asked me if I can share this model with public. Despite the paper model is still in BETA phase, 3D model is on 99% completed so you can downloaded it for free directly from BatWing paper model page.


Astro Racer 3D model is now available

Posted by Spendlik on 25 Mar | Categories: 3D model | Comments:

Designing a model is really long process. Right now I am creating instructions for my next model – Astro Racer 2015. So I have decides that before I release templates for Astro Racer , I can give you what I already have – 3D model. On paper model page just click on “Download 3dm file” […]