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3D model of BatWing is available

Posted by Spendlik on 21 Feb | Categories: 3D model | Comments:

I have uploaded 3D model in 3dm format to the model page. Several people asked me if I can share this model with public. Despite the paper model is still in BETA phase, 3D model is on 99% completed so you can downloaded it for free directly from BatWing paper model page.


How to create paper model – series of articles

Posted by Spendlik on 20 Sep | Categories: Tips and Tricks | Comments:

When I started creating my very first paper scale model, I was struggling a bit. Didn’t know where to start, which program should I use or what’s the best way how to create instructions for my model. I was browsing through the internet, trying to find some useful information. I was lucky and found a […]


Paper model Astro Racer 2015 is available for download

Posted by Spendlik on 23 Aug | Categories: Paper model | Comments:

Astro Racer is a simple paper model, which I designed for paper model exhibition Brno 2015. Finally I managed to create instructions, “number” all parts and also create colored version of the model. Model is available for free on its own webpage. Comparing to previous models there is one significant difference. All pages of paper […]


Scripts for Rhinoceros 3D are ready for download

Posted by Spendlik on 14 Aug | Categories: Rhinoceros 3D, Site update, Tips and Tricks | Comments:

Few years later I have created scripts for Rhinoceros 3D to help people create and design their own paper models. Right after publishing I discovered that these scripts are not working properly. It took me several years to come back to coding in RhinoScript and fix them. 🙂 Today I am glad I can announce, […]


New photos have been added.

Posted by Spendlik on 27 Jun | Categories: Gallery | Comments:

Hello, I have been recently to various events, including one of the biggest plastic model exhibition in Eastern Europe – ModellBrno 2015. I always take a camera with me so you can find some new photo galleries in Gallery section. There are lot of other galleries ready to be uploaded – visit of “The Day […]


New model in development – Robot Jox

Posted by Spendlik on 07 Apr | Categories: New model | Comments:

While working on one big project, I always have some small side project. To be honest, I am not able to focus all the time only on one model, so it is good to have different projects. Batwing is really big and difficult project so that’s why I have created Astro Racer and it is […]


Astro Racer 3D model is now available

Posted by Spendlik on 25 Mar | Categories: 3D model | Comments:

Designing a model is really long process. Right now I am creating instructions for my next model – Astro Racer 2015. So I have decides that before I release templates for Astro Racer , I can give you what I already have – 3D model. On paper model page just click on “Download 3dm file” […]


Blog is on air…fasten your seatbelts!

Posted by Spendlik on 16 Sep | Categories: Site update | Comments:

Finally, new blog is online! My new blog is finally online. It tooks me a little bit longer than I expected, but I am pretty happy with the result. Together with brand new site, I have now great platform for publishing my paper models and for sharing the joy of paper model creation. I hope […]